2019 DonorsChoose Goal Met!

I love being a business and technology teacher! My students participate in various hands-on activities such as creating real businesses, escape room games, and STEM challenges. My classroom remains well-organized and clean. We even have “unplugged” days to play board games that reinforce financial literacy skills. All of these opportunities have been made possible thanks to projects that came to life via DonorsChoose! I am infinitely thankful for the generous donors, special promotions, corporate sponsorships, and the Caring Classrooms community on DonorsChoose. My students know that we are very fortunate and remain thankful for these great additions to our classroom. HERE are the projects that have been funded for us, if you are curious.

Over the years, I also made donations to other teachers on the DonorsChoose site. I looked for a special way to “give back” several years ago. Each year, I donate to at least one teacher in every state. Some weeks my donations are smaller and some weeks they are bigger. I completed my 2019 goal on #GivingTuesday when all donations were doubled on DonorsChoose! My very last donation was to Mrs. Miller in Ohio, completing her project entitled Music Carpet for Safe and Interactive Learning. She had very little time left on the project. I didn’t want to see her project expire and her donations be returned to the donors. I was excited to swoop in and take care of the balance!

Without further ado, here are the projects that I helped in 2019:


If you are looking for a way to help out in your local community, check out DonorsChoose and do a search by zip code. See if there are any projects for local teachers in a nearby school. The impact your donation could have on a classroom is immeasurable. Thank you!