Let the beat go on!

“Let the beat go on” bracelets, on sale for $2 each

I am currently advising one of my students as she goes through the process of earning her Girl Scouts Gold Award. She is focusing on making our school district a safer place. Her goal is to raise money to pay for CPR certification for interested teachers, and to donate additional AED (automated external defibrillator) devices to schools that don’t currently have one.

This student is a super star! She has been in my business classes and business club since her freshman year and excels at everything she does. I am proud of her dedication to this project and her desire to make a difference.

She is currently selling these red “Let the beat go on” bracelets for $2 each. Half of the proceeds pays for the bracelet and the other half goes toward the her AED purchase. For more information, please visit her website: Making Schools Safer or the article featuring her project: Mansfield Girl Scout raising funds for AEDs, CPR training