We want STEM-tastic challenges!

Over the summer, I was selected as one of fifty teachers nationwide to be a fellow at the Siemens STEM Institute (more on that in another post I’m working on) in Washington DC. While there, I participated in the most amazing, hands-on, collaborative projects that truly inspired me to jump feet-first into STEM education. My students crave these types of experiences as well!

I would love to to provide monthly STEM challenges for my students. The list of materials in my project may seem very haphazard, but I assure you they will come together well for specific STEM projects. The Barbies and rubber bands will be used to conduct the Barbie Bungee Challenge. The fans, plastic sheeting, and packing tape will be used to create large scale bubbles that students will build in groups to simulate business systems. The tongue depressors, rubber bands, and spoons will be used to design catapults. All of these items will contribute to some fantastic hands-on learning, creative thinking, problem solving, and lots of fun!

If you are interested in making a donation, please visit my project on donorschoose.org. Any donation amount would be awesome. Use the coupon code “INSPIRE”  and your donation will be doubled! Thank you so much for your support.