First STEM Challenge Day of the Year!!

I  posted previously about my goal of doing a STEM challenge once a month in my classes. I was still acquiring materials for these STEM challenges in September, so didn’t do one that month. I chose to save the October STEM challenge for today because it would be a fun thing to do for Halloween.

My students participated in the Marshmallow Challenge in each class. Students had to build a standing structure to get a marshmallow as high off of the table as possible using only 20 pieces of spaghetti, a yard of string (yarn in my case), and a yard of tape. Students were very creative and had a great time!

Here are the winning results from my 4 classes and some photos from the day:

Period 2 – 27 inches
Period 3 – 24 inches
Period 4 – 19.5 inches
Period 5 – 23 inches