Bouncing Between Two Sites

i-love-wordpress-1While I intended to morph into more of a blog this summer, I wasn’t exactly sure what my plan would be. At the same time, I took on the role of Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Business Educators Association (MBEA). Their website also needed an overhaul, so . . . why redesign one website when you can redesign two?! I took the leap and installed WordPress and am enjoying learning it as I go. I’ve had a good amount of trial-and-error learning, but that’s not a bad thing! I love to tinker around with things like this and learn more. I wouldn’t be a good teacher if I didn’t want to learn more, right?

Benefits of my unintended summer project to learn WordPress:

  • WordPress is easy and flexible! It can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. You can add all sorts of plugins to get the desired look or functionality. I’ve played  around with some plugins that have been great, and others that I promptly uninstalled.
  • There’s no required software to install. Back when I first started creating websites, I was doing it purely by writing HTML code. Then graphical interfaces popped up, which required software to install. I’m enjoying WordPress because there are no software installations. I have been able to work on my site on my desktop PC, my laptop, my ipad, and even on my phone when needed. Heaven!
  • I love that WordPress seamlessly integrates the site and social media accounts. This has worked well for both my website ( and the MBEA’s website ( It’s nice to know that as soon as I publish this post, it will also be Tweeted out and posted on my Facebook page.

Back to tinkering . . .