Another Thank You!

Bill-&-Melinda-Gates-Foundation-Logo.svgI have posted in the past about how much I love the opportunities that and Caring Classrooms provide for educators. Well, here’s another one! This past week, Caring Classrooms ran a contest to help projects get funded during the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation match. For every dollar donated during this time, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would match that donation. This made the impact of donations even greater for classroom projects. I am so thankful and honored that Caring Classrooms selected my project to be featured on their giving page, guaranteeing full-funding. My project fully-funded that same day! My students will be getting more board games to use on “unplugged” days to reinforce their financial literacy skills.


These are the games I requested and will be adding to my classroom:

  • CASHFLOW 101
  • Charge Large
  • Logo Party Game
  • Monopoly: The Classic Edition
  • Puerto Rico Game
  • Ticket To Ride

Thank you so much to all of the generous donors on this project! I am honored and humbled by your desire to help my students. I can’t wait to get these games into my students’ hands!



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