Edcamp Southeastern Massachusetts!


After attending many Edcamps throughout the years, I asked some fellow Edcamp-lovers if they’d like to organize our own Edcamp right here in southeastern Massachusetts. And so Edcamp SEMass was born! We are so excited to bring this special professional learning opportunity to educators in the area. As I pitched it to my colleagues yesterday at a faculty meeting, I told them about the basic guidelines that make Edcamp so different:

  • Leave your title at the door. We’re all equals at Edcamp!
  • There’s no “sage on the stage.” Edcamp is discussion-based. No prepared presentations! Sessions are suggested on the day of the event. Sessions are molded around what YOU want to learn about.
  • Vote with your own two feet. If you find yourself at a session that’s not quite what you expected, get up and go elsewhere! No one is offended.
  • All information is shared via Google Docs and Twitter. You won’t miss out if there’s a session you didn’t make it to, or if you wanted to review what happened at a session you attended. Notes are taken and everything is shared! We’re an open community.
  • Edcamp is TOTALLY FREE! Yes, FREE. You learn and network, we feed you, and you have a chance to win some great prizes!

I hope that I see many colleagues and friends at Edcamp SEMass on 12/3 at Norton Middle School.

Here’s more info:

Come learn with us!