Happy Long Weekend!

20161007_073230Another Friday, another geeky shirt!

This one brings me back to middle school, when the best thing in the world was finding out that your class was going to the computer lab. That meant an hour of playing the Oregon Trail! Although I rarely made it to Oregon and was terrible at hunting with arrow keys, I still loved it. If you’d like to go back and caulk your wagon to float it across the river, check out this Oregon Trail emulator. You’re welcome! 🙂

It was a busy week in our classes. My Entrepreneurship students are hard at work on their business proposal pitches. We’ll likely be presenting them next week and voting for the winner. Stay tuned! Personal Finance students are getting a bit of a shock as they investigate the actual costs of renting an apartment, paying for utilities, learning about interest rates on car loans, and whether or not leasing is a good idea. I’m happy to report that they all now understand how great those commercials offering 0% financing truly are. You can borrow money for free! Google Applications students have wrapped up Docs and are moving into Drawing.

Have a great long weekend!