Our Visit With Lollita (AKA 3D Stanley)

I’m sure that manlollitay of you have participated in a Flat Stanley project in some capacity over the years. Well, Flat Stanley has grown up! Thanks to the introduction of 3D printers in classrooms, Flat Stanley may just be a thing of the past. As a 2016 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator, I am connected to teachers around the country through a group in Edmodo.

Last week, another Innovator proposed doing a Flat Stanley project, but with a twist. Her students designed the 3D models of 3D Stanley and were looking for other schools to host him (or her). I agreed immediately! Lollita was selected, and our journey began. We had a little difficulty with Lollita’s very long legs. For some reason, my 3D printer would not recognize the models of the leg extension pieces. No problem! We just made her a little shorter.

I had students take Lollita around the building during classes throughout the day. She had quite the adventure! They were documented via Twitter (#3DStanley) and in the video created by Mrs. Bosch (the teacher who created the project). To view the video, visit this link: https://animoto.com/play/VpF5oVsNsPdG3E0KVSxNNw