I support DonorsChoose.org, too!

As the tax documents for 2016 begin to roll in, I was pleased to see some graphs from DonorsChoose.org. The site categorizes your donations by several demographics. I am an avid user of DonorsChoose.org for my students, but I’m also a big supporter of my fellow teachers. Here are how my donations stacked up for 2016:

I have a new goal for myself – I’m going to donate to at least 1 teacher in every state this year! I didn’t realize that my donations were spread out to so many states in the past year, but I still missed 13 of them. I’ll do better in 2017!

Although I do not have a project on the site currently, you can see the history of projects I have completed for my students here:  donorschoose.org/mrsprester