We’re at the halfway mark!

We’re at the halfway mark of the school year! We made it through the first semester. And now we’ve made it through the first week of the second semester as well. I have three new Entrepreneurship classes, a new Personal Finance class, and will continue on with my existing Senior Online students.

  • In Entrepreneurship, we’ll be starting a new business. We still have half of the money from our Edcamp Impact Grant to spend on materials and tools. We still have all of the tools left from the first semester’s business – a sewing machine, a knitting machine, tools/materials from the lotion making business, kitchen items from making ornaments (I already have a plan for those!), and more! I’m excited to see where this semester’s business takes us 🙂
  • In Personal Finance, I’ll be shaking things up a bit. We’ll continue using the Knowledge Matters simulations, but I will be incorporating more interactive materials from NGPF.
  • Mrs. Elofson and I have resurrected the Computer Science Club due to increased student interest. Students attended their first event last Saturday! They had a great time at the @1nterrupt hackathon/conference on cybersecurity. See more info on the event HERE.


Now let’s get ready for some football . . . let’s go Patriots!