Breakout o’ th’ Gangplank

Together again! I had the honor to present a session with the amazing Rayna Freedman at the MassCUE & MASCD Spring Leadership Conference, Lead Like a Pirate. We put a twist on the typical escape room. We showed how they could be used as a professional development tool in schools.

“Breakout o’ th’ Gangplank” workshop description:

Have you ever felt like walking the gangplank during one of your professional development activities? Are you looking for a way to bring all your pirates together to hone collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills? If the answer is YES to any of those questions, then come walk the Breakout EDU gangplank! We will teach you how to transform your staff professional development activities and help you become a true leadership pirate along the way!

In this session you will be challenged with a team of other attendees. Use your wits, critical and creative problem solving, and teamwork skills to unlock a series of locks by reading a set of clues prepared just for you. Breakouts are created to be run during a 45 minute time period. By walking this gangplank with us you will experience first hand the benefits of using Breakouts for your staff meeting, which could be applied to teachers using the kits with students.

Our session attendees were tasked with an escape room challenge based on the ISTE Standards! They needed to review the standards for Students, Educators, Adminstrators, Coaches, and CS Educators. All of the groups broke out and managed to save the ISTE gold!