Google Applied Digital Skills

Google introduced a new set of digital lessons called Applied Digital Skills.

There are lessons that tie in well with technology, business, financial literacy, etc. I did the “Technology at Work” lesson in my Entrepreneurship classes. It was a great lesson that helped students see the value of technology in various careers and sectors. There were 2 short videos to guide students through the lesson and then students completed a short research project that took 1-1.5 class periods. Students were able to select from a list of suggested topics or could select their own. They really liked the format and the change of pace from our typical lessons. I’m planning on incorporating a few more into my fall semester!

Love the intro:


Teachers sign up with a school email to access the lessons and students use their school emails. If you implement a lesson in the fall, you’ll get a survey from Google about the activity. If you wouldn’t mind putting my school email in (jacqueline.prester @ as the referral, I’d appreciate it. I’ll get a donorschoose gift card! Thank you!! 🙂

Lessons include:

  • Create a Presentation “All About a Topic”
  • Create a Resume in Google Docs
  • Create an Editing Tool with Programming
  • Digital Tools for Everyday Tasks
  • Equal Access to Technology
  • Guide to an Area
  • If-Then Adventure Stories
  • Manage a Project with Digital Tools
  • Pick the Next Box Office Hit
  • Plan an Event
  • Plan and Budget
  • Research and Develop a Topic
  • Research and Organize Information about Colleges in Google Sheets
  • Research and Writing
  • Technology at Work
  • Technology, Ethics, and Security
  • Technology’s Role in Current Events
  • Use Google to Get a New Job
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