Stonehill Reunion 2019 – 20 years!

This magnet arrived in the mail yesterday. How is it possible that my 20th college reunion is just around the corner already? So much has happened in the 20 years since I left that beautiful campus in Easton. It’s also made me nostalgic for 1999 . . .

  • Y2K was a big unknown, especially for those of us working in the software industry!
  • Paypal was voted one of the worst business ideas of 1999.
  • Time Magazine’s Person of the Year: Jeff Bezos
  • Star Wars was rebooted with The Phantom Menace
  • Best Film Oscar Winner:¬†American Beauty
  • Album of the Year Grammy: Smooth, Santana featuring Rob Thomas
  • Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy: Will & Grace
  • Outstanding Drama Series Emmy: The West Wing
  • World Series Champions: New York Yankees
  • Super Bowl Champions: Denver Broncos
  • Stanley Cup Champions: Dallas Stars
  • NBA Champions: San Antonio Spurs
  • Memorable Quote: “I see dead people.” from the Sixth Sense