Quickly Connect With Local Colleagues on LinkedIn

With the MassCUE fall conference upon us today, I’m going to test out the relatively new “Find Nearby” option for connecting with like-minded educators on LinkedIn. Using bluetooth, your phone will send out a signal and look for others who are also using the same feature. It’s pretty simple to turn on.

Go to your “My Network” tab and click on “Find nearby (OFF)”

Your phone will send out a signal to others and will also search for others in the area.

Not surprisingly, no one in my hotel was looking for a LinkedIn connection at 5:00 am this morning! I’m going to test this throughout the MassCUE conference and hope to find others who will be doing the same. I can see this being a really great feature for networking at events . . . like Edcamp Southeastern Massachusetts and MBEA 2019 🙂

Update (10/21): I didn’t get to try this out as much as I wanted to. Honestly, I forgot about it most of the time because I was busy with board member duties! When I did turn it on, I never found anyone else who was also searching at the same time. Maybe no one else knows about it? Maybe no one else wants to be found? I don’t know, but I’ll give it another shot at the next event I attend!