MHS Entrepreneurs Make Donation to “Jon Jon Strong” Campaign

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The Mansfield High School entrepreneurship students successfully ran a small business selling various homemade items during the fall semester. To learn the process of starting and maintaining a business, students created their own fidgets, ceramic ornaments, flavored lip balms, and scrunchies. They marketed their creations and sold the items in person. After analyzing finances, they donated their proceeds of $500 to the “Jon Jon Strong” campaign in support of a fellow student. Students also made $150 in microloans on to aspiring entrepreneurs in Kenya, Ecuador, and Honduras.

Since the inception of this “small business” project, students have donated $9,954 to local causes, and made microloans to aspiring entrepreneurs in twenty countries. The project was originally funded by a grant awarded from the Mansfield Education Foundation to increase classroom innovation and authentic learning experiences. Students are expected to reach a milestone of $10,000 in total charitable giving in the upcoming semester.

A small inventory of items are still available for purchase. Product information may be seen in the sales flyer HERE. Please contact Jacqueline Prester for more information.

This was also posted on the Mansfield Patch.


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