Newly Minted DonorsChoose Ambassador, Ready to Help!

I am super excited about an opportunity that presented itself recently. I was asked to become a DonorsChoose Teacher Ambassador! Teacher Ambassadors “work with staff and teachers to help more teachers in their area tap into funding through, making sure students can have the best school year without teachers/educators needing to foot the bill out of their own paycheck.”

DonorsChoose has been such a blessing for my students, my classroom, and my professional development. Since my introduction to DonorsChoose, I’ve had over $20,000 worth of projects funded! These projects added technology, consumable materials, board games, books, and exciting activities to my classroom. The projects allowed me to attend several professional development events. DonorsChoose even helped offset the cost of a longtime professional goal to pursue National Board Certification! For the record, I have completed all of the components and am now awaiting my final scores. To see my list of completed projects, visit my DonorsChoose page:

The opportunity to serve as an ambassador for DonorsChoose is an honor. I hope to help many teachers realize the potential of the site. I will share my tips on funding and how to be strategic about posting projects. I even have gift cards to donate to never-been-funded teachers who post their FIRST projects! Let me help kickstart your first project! It all begins by clicking on the link below and signing up for an account. If you click on the link below, I’ll be able to follow your progress and help you along the way!

Mark your calendar: Sunday, August 18 – Saturday, August 24 is Welcome Week for teachers who have yet to submit a classroom project!

During Welcome Week, teachers who have never had a project on are eligible for a $50 welcome donation when they submit their first project. Create your project and keep it in draft status until August 18. On August 18, submit it!

Here’s how to qualify for the $50 Welcome Week welcome donation:

  • Be sure that you’ve never had a project on
  • Sign up using my link so I can follow your progress and help you out:
  • Submit a project for your classroom.
  • Tip 1: Start small and keep your project to under $600 ($300 would be better) for higher chances of full-funding!
  • Tip 2: Check your state’s current match offers to see if you have any project ideas that would qualify for additional donation matches. A donation of $10 could become $20!
  • Submit your project anytime from August 18 through August 24.
    • Receive a $50 Welcome Week donation!
    • Receive a special donation from me!
    • Tell your friends & family to use the promo code LIFTOFF and ALL of your donations will be doubled in the first week!!


If you have questions, please get in touch! I’d love to bring you onboard and help your special project get funded 🙂


DonorsChoose FY20 Teacher Outreach Flyer