NGPF Extra Mile Award

Wow! NextGen Personal Finance (NGPF) continues to elevate financial literacy educators! I received this certificate for being one of twenty-three educators who completed all TWELVE NGPF certification courses! Thank you for the recognition, but more importantly, thank you for the amazing FREE professional development. For those who haven’t taken advantage, visit and go to Teacher PD. NGPF provides a variety of amazing options:

  • Certification Courses: 9 hours of synchronous instruction and a 1-hour exam (currently 12 to choose from)
  • On-Demand PD: modules for you to learn at your own pace on a variety of topics! (~1 hour each)
  • Virtual PD: a one-hour synchronous session on a on a variety of topics!
  • Conferences: periodic events with sessions to choose from during each time slot!

I’d recommend all of them! Each type of PD has its own benefits and allows you to use materials the next day in your classroom. Even if I think that I know about the topic, I come out of the session learning something new. Two thumbs up! 👍 👍

I often get sidetracked when given the opportunity to speak about NGPF! 😍 Here is the article and certificate from NGPF: