2022 Spring Entrepreneurship Students Donate to #UnitedForUkraine

I say it every semester, but I am so impressed and immensely proud of my Entrepreneurship students! These students blow me away with their creativity, dedication, and results-driven desire to succeed. This semester, my students chose to create handmade drawstring bags with a new Mansfield logo, homemade lip scrubs, and air fresheners. Students made all products in class, served as the sales force, and analyzed their finances before donating their proceeds to the United Way’s #UnitedForUkraine fund. Additionally, they also made three microloans to aspiring Entrepreneurs in Tajikistan and Kenya via Kiva.org.

This semester’s students made an impact of $800 in donations and microloans, bringing our grand total to over $14,100! (see the totals here) I’m excited to be so very close to a big milestone for the next school year. $15,000, here we come!