Online Course Senior Option


Guidelines for the Online Course Senior Option:

  1. The Online Course Senior Option requires a commitment for the entire school year. Students must register for one full-year online course, or two half-year online courses at FuelEd.
  2. If a student does not complete the online course(s), he/she will not receive credit for the course(s).
  3. Students may take only online courses that are not currently offered at MHS.
  4. Students are required to select their course(s) before the start of the 2019-2020 school year.
  5. Students MUST regularly check their email for status updates and important notices regarding the program.
  6. Students will receive HONORS credit for each online course taken, regardless of the level assigned to the course by the online school (ie – AP Microeconomics = MHS Honors credit, Japanese 1 = MHS Honors credit)
  7. Students will be required to sign and adhere to an Academic Honesty Policy regarding all online work.
  8. Students may report to school for block two when the online period falls in the first block of the rotation. Students may leave the building after block five when the online period falls in the last block of the rotation. For all other blocks, students are expected to remain in school and work on their online coursework. A signed Parental Waiver Form must be received before this is allowed.


All coursework is taken through FuelEd. Please view the course catalog for available courses.

The program’s semesters differ from the regular semesters at MHS. Please review the calendar below. Each semester lasts 16 weeks, similar to a college semester. These dates are very important and your progress will be monitored by Mrs. Prester throughout the semester to be sure that you are on track to complete the course on time.

2019-2020 Online Course Calendar